A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Drexler demonstrates a few things you can do with molecular cloning. It doesn't provide much gameplay, fun, excitement or any other form of arousal, neither positive or negative. If you expect any hand holding or tutorials, this might not be your kind of prototype.

NOTE! It is possible to get oneself stuck in the first room, and never get out. When you understand how to get out, you'll understand what you did wrong. Simply quit and start the app again to retry.

The controls are:

WASD - Walk

Q - Select entity to the left in inventory

E - Select entity to the right in inventory

Left mouse button - Do stuff

Move your mouse to look around.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, double click.

If you're on Mac, you might need to go in to system settings and explicitly allow the game to run. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.


Drexler-OSX64-2-1453059724708.zip 24 MB
Drexler-Windows64-5-1453060846656.zip 22 MB

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